I know for sure that every course for our clients and students is an investment. Investment of their time and money. Like any investment, it should be paid off. Whether it is a direct increase in the company’s revenues or indirect, for example, an increase in the level of loyalty of your customers. Not only are courses in Lingua Sphere about expanding your vocabulary or removing a language barrier, but also about increasing your profits by improving your skills!

(Lyudmila Kotane, Lingua Sphere founder)

Our teachers 

Our teachers have at least three years of teaching experience. As a rule, their education is not limited to philology. They are also interested in management, marketing and finance, which is a must for conducting business foreign language courses. High professionalism and the ability to work with a group of grown-up students are one of the main requirements in the selection of tutors for our school.

The main principles of our work are:

— an individual approach to each request and modelling a new course for each client;
— the student’s goals are our goals;
— we take knowledge of the human brain as the basis of the process of learning a foreign language;
— emphasis on the active use of a foreign language;
— the use of modern tools.

The main foreign languages that are in demand at our school are Russian, English, and Latvian. Less often our clients are interested in Italian, Spanish and German.

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Our experience

Our experience in teaching foreign languages for business communication is over 12 years! Techniques, textbooks, gaming technologies — everything helps to make our work interesting, useful, and, what is important, not boring for our students.

Our Services

The founder of the school

The founder of the school is Lyudmila Kotane. Author of a line of textbooks on Russian as a foreign language in the field of business communication “Russian For Business” (for levels A2, B1 and B2), author of online courses, author of the Business Russian Communication course on the international platform Coursera, author of tests for St. Petersburg University (Tests in Russian as a foreign language in the field of business communication for levels B1 and B2) and the author of a co-creative method of teaching children to read (the book «Teach Me to Read!»).


Our Clients

Since 2008, our teachers have been trusted by the employees of the following companies: