The Lingua KIDS appeared very organically – our regular or former clients, adults, began to inquire about the possibility of learning foreign languages for their children. It’s great when we are trusted when the quality of teaching is at such a high level that clients come to us with a request to teach their children. Usually, we work with children individually. By skype or in person. If you are interested in this service, then please fill out the form and we will contact you very soon! 

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Customer references

We have been taking individual Russian lessons for over a year now. An urgent need for additional studies appeared when my son began to study Russian at school. Now I am happy with the result. Grades at school improved, I noticed that my son started to speak Russian. I can recommend the Lingua Sphere!

Oscar, dad of 8th grade Mathis.

We had a task to improve the Latvian language. Thanks to the teachers at Lingua Sphere, my daughter did a great job. Thank you! 

Andrey, dad of 5th grade Alice

When the child entered the gymnasium, the volume of subjects in English increased. It was difficult for him and I turned to Lingua Sphere for help. In about six months of classes, my son’s English level rose and she calmly began to cope with school work. Thanks to the teachers and Lyudmila for the attentive approach! ☺

Irina, mother of Eric, 7th-grade student

Russian is not the easiest language. And, unfortunately, not very well taught at school. In 8th grade, we realized that without a tutor, our daughter would not be able to keep up with the school material. Lingua Sphere has developed excellent techniques that help to master both grammar and conversation of our child. Definitely – I recommend it to everyone! 

Iveta, Christina’s mom.