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Scientists love to do research and get to the bottom of everything.  So the question “What task or process is the most difficult for the human brain?” did not give the scientists rest.  As a result of research, it turned out that neither solving problems in higher mathematics, nor calculating in physics or chemistry, nor solving problems in management or making moral and ethical decisions, uses our brain as actively as during a conversation in a foreign language!

Foreign Languages Courses

Individual or group, offline or online lessons,                                                  for any business sphere and any goals! 

Our teachers:
– work experience of at least 3 years

– philological or linguistic education

– additional interests: management, finance, marketing

– high professionalism

– ability to work with a group of adult students


The collaboration process begins with discussing the topics and objectives of the course and prioritizing skills (speaking, writing, reading) with the course initiator.  Further, students are usually tested and their level of proficiency in a foreign language is determined.  Groups are being formed.

 Next, we select the most suitable teacher for each group.  His work experience, preferences, interests and, of course, workload are taken into account.  The selected teacher draws up a course plan and we submit this plan for approval to the project initiator.

 Typically, the course is designed for 30 sessions of 90 minutes.  However, everything is easily varied according to your needs.

 The format of training can be face-to-face, online, include conversational practice over the phone (for higher levels), or combine all these formats.

 Flexibility.  Yes, any project can be done if you find common points of interest.  We can easily adapt to your employment and offer the format of training that will combine convenience and maximum efficiency of classes.  There are many colors in our palette and we know how to correctly combine them with each other!


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Language Audit

If you want to conduct an audit of your current or potential employee, we can help you with this.

 We test for foreign language proficiency by level, taking into account the skills of speaking, reading, understanding and writing.


Foreign language tested:

Number of people:

Skills tested (choose the one you want):

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Foreign Language like a teambuilding

Foreign language classes open up and bring people together. In addition to professional topics, the courses also discuss “simple” topics: travel, family, hobbies.  This allows colleagues to get to know each other better.

 Our school also offers the organization of foreign language courses in order not only to learn the language, but also to build a team!  We have excellent examples of such courses.

 The format of the course: it can be a one-day course outside the office or a series of 90-minute lessons at the office of your company – whichever is more convenient for you.

 Results: employees get to know each other better and communication between them improves.  The effectiveness of communication, empathy increases, emotional intelligence develops.


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 Partnered with a translation agency, we can help you to carry out the translation of any complexity and subject matter you need into 750 languages ​​of the world!


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